Famous Omega Men







From Left to Right:

  • Langston Hughes – The Black Poet Laureate, excelled as a poet, playwright, novelist, lyricist, and humorist.
  • Sterling Brown- Teacher, poet, writer, Professor Emeritus of Literature at Howard University, has a special foundation for folk culture and jazz music.
  • Roland Hayes- Internationally known tenor of the 1920’s; sang in five different languages.
  • Max Roach – Internationally known drummer.
  • William H. “Bill” Cosby – Comedian, author, and actor.
  • William (Count) Basie- Internationally known pianist, composer, arranger, and band leader.

Not Pictured:
•Carl Rowan – Syndicated columnist.
•Joe Torry – Comedian, author, actor, and producer.
•Steve Harvey – Comedian and actor.
•Rickey Smiley – Comedian and actor.
•Tom Joyner – Radio show host.