Omega Civil Rights Leaders







From Left to Right:

  •  Grant Reynolds – Played a major role in President Truman’s 1948 decision to desegregate the United States Armed Forces.
  •  James Nabrit – Former Dean of the Howard University Law School and former president of Howard University. A leader in the training of the early Civil Rights lawyers.
  •  Roy Wilkins – Long-time Executive Director of the NAACP.
  •  Jesse Jackson- Former Director of Operation PUSH; Founder, National Rainbow Coalition.
  •  Vernon Jordan – Noted Attorney and Former Executive Director of the National Urban League.
  • Not Pictured:
  •  Wiley Branton – Attorney of the “Little Rock Nine” and former Dean of Howard University School of Law.
  •  Oliver Hill – Civil Rights attorney whose work against racial discrimination helped end the doctrine of ?separate but equal?. 1999 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient.
  •  Benjamin Hooks – Succeeded Roy Wilkins as Executive Director of the NAACP, the most effective of all civil rights organizations.